Entry to the university life can be incredibly stressful as it involves complete transition to an entirely different system where majority of students often feel stuck and therefore this twist turns out to be the major cause of failure for many candidates in college. However, paying a little attention towards some crucial factors can save you from drowning and can make your university life a remarkably learning and growth experience.

Make a schedule from the beginning

Though it sounds typical and basic but this is the very thing which is going to save you by the end. Make sure you begin by grabbing some online schedule or calendar to mark all important dates and events carefully and highlight and prioritize them accordingly. Displaying a list or calendar with all important items such as exams, assignments, projects submissions deadlines will keep you informed of the gravity of the situation coming up.

make schedule

Stay well aware of everything

Take some time out to know the rules and regulations applicable at your institution. Go through your student manuals, handouts and prospectus thoroughly to know about the basic requirements which might lead to failure or being dropped from the semester. Moreover, also stay aware of your ups and downs in CGPA and when to repeat courses in case one gets flung .

stay informed

Never Skip lectures

Your class room is the place where you’ll get to know everything you need in order to complete your semester successfully. Attend all your lectures carefully to know all your important submission dates and any other information to pass through the course you are taking.

do not skip lectures

Stay connected

Failure to make friends with peers and seniors is a dire mistake which can drown a student even if he is being a book worm throughout the semester. If you failed to develop networks with smart students who are always more updated depicts your lack of understanding of the purpose of higher education.


Find a mentor

Last but the least having a mentor is crucial to survival in a semester system. Maintain friendly relations with student counselors, departmental heads, faculty members and seniors so that you can always turn towards them to seek help when struck.

find mentor

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