Feeling overwhelmed about new beginning in the university? Keeping the fact that freshman year in the university is enormously different from college life and also the academic rigors offered in the university are several times harder than those experienced in colleges. Being a freshman you might be feeling somewhere between extremely nervous and incredibly exciting. For you to be lucky enough here I have compiled a short guide that might make your journey a lifelong learning and growth experience.

Learn to be self reliant

To be independent is the most essential skill you need to acquire in order to endure through university life successfully. You need to learn to rely on yourself and take responsibility of your decisions weather those are as tiny as eating out or using mess, bunking class or deciding upon your timetable. Also take time to learn the basics of everything like cooking, cleaning, washing and other chores.

Always attend your lectures

Do not undermine your primary purpose to be here. Never skip any lectures or seminars since these are the places from where you’ll acquire everything you are here to get. Although it sounds tempting to bunk lectures and enjoy with friends but remember it’s all about the balance. Make sure a slight discrepancy might not drag you to repeating courses with the first year bunch while being in fourth year.

Budgeting and cost management

Take some time out to sit and devise a long term strategy to budget all your expenses smartly. While doing so make sure you do not miss out student deals and discounts and also get you registered for international discounts by obtaining international student discount card online.


Although the major purpose of being at university is to acquire a reputable degree with good grades but there are a lot of other gems which university life is offering at no additional cost. University is the place where you‘ll  get tremendous exposure and chances to earn lifelong contacts who, later might help you to fetch good jobs, can turn out to be good references and  write you glowing testimonials for your future job hunt. So do not spend your time commuting between your residence and library only but make the most out of the free opportunities offered at university.

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